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The Auburn Advantage

Full Custom Fabrication Services

 Molded Parts 

Precision molded rubber parts from a large inventory of materials. Prototypes, short & production runs.

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Silicone Rubber & Foam Gaskets

Die cut foams for gaskets, insulation parts, seals, shims, spacers, washers. Full custom fabricating services.  Choose from over 250 gasket materials to suit your project.

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 Die cutting 

Intricate custom die cut fabrications for gaskets, insulation parts, seals, shims, spacers, washers. Prototypes, short runs or production quantities. Large inventory of gasket materials in stock.

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 Adhesive Program 

Auburn’s adhesives are available for all finished parts and/or materials; gaskets, shims, washers, electrical insulators, sponge or foam pads, silicone parts, and sheet or roll goods, and tapes.

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Samco Press - 60 Ton
Clean Edges
Tight Tolerances
Registered Quality Assurance Programs
View Auburn's ISO-9001 & AS 9100 Quality Certificate

Over 450 Materials in Stock!

We keep vast inventories of materials on hand for rapid execution of orders.

  • All Solid & Sponge Rubbers, Foams, Plastics, Corks, Fibres, Felts, Silicones and Poron.

  • Urethanes, Phenolics, Cork/Rubber Compositions, Mylar, Vinyl, Kapton, Polypropylene, and Nomex. 

  • Flame Resistant Mylar Tapes, Kapton Tapes, Special Adhesive Films, Water Proof Materials, and Gas & Oil Resistant Materials.

  • Multilayered Constructions and Composites, Sheets, Rolls, and Shim Stock. 

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Preco Press - 30 Ton


  • Full custom fabricating services.

  • Prototypes, Short runs, and Production.

  • Steel Rule Dies, Compound Dies; Kiss Cutting, Bending, Scoring, Folding & Identification Stamping.

  • Lathe Cut Washers, Molded Rubber Shapes, Rubber Extrusions.

  • Plastic Sonic Welding.